You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I can’t seem to get my SL1 to work. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I have a s9 now and got rid of my sl1 a while ago. That code could be being thrown because the driver is so old and the SL1 hasn’t been supported for so long. I’ll upload it to my google drive so you don’t accidentally download the wrong one. Enter zip code

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View all previous winners here! New and looking for advice? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Submit a new text post. My Account Wishlist My Cart: I haven’t used my sl1 with Windows 10 in over a year now, plus I moved onto a MacBook too.

There was a bug with a certain chipset way back. Menu Search Close Search.


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Yes, I have, but the same issue persists. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Also are you using scratch live or dj? Subreddit Rules Rule 1: Please think twice before posting about the following topics.

Decksaver 4 Magma 5 Odyssey 8 Rane Hmmm, can try this driver. Its the same issue with OSx, where an update with the OS caused the sl1 to stop working even if you have the drivers. Was asking just to clarify.

Serato SL1

Log in or sign up in seconds. Oh wow, yeah, that does make sense. Does it work on your Windows 10 machine and do you use a power cable? Easy and generous returns. Rane’s current roster is the perfect marriage of classic feel and modern functionality. There might be some workaround if you sefato some digging, but wouldn’t count on it working for too long.

No 13 Yes If anyone else has experience, I would let them chime in, but Serqto kind of out of options besides the force updating of drivers through serato, but that didn’t work either.


You can try it, but don’t know about the success you’ll have. Want to add to the discussion? I get the error code: If you are new and are interested in learning how to DJ please check out this thread first. Can anyone get Serato and an SL1 to work on Windows 10?

I can’t seem to get my SL1 to work. Googled it and found it on the Serato forums. Tried a lot, nothing worked. Instead consider searching for and reading older threads. Please try to be polite, friendly and helpful when commenting. Enter zip code