I’d never discourage this either. NET Advanced Edition 2. First of all, the two drives have different hardware and different specs: I would like to delete the first entry. All i said above was a warning that using hacked firmware is not always the best solution. Well I looked into the firmware

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Well I looked into the firmware Not everything needs a firmware upgrade, but I woldn’t dissuade anyone from going out and appying one for enhanced functionality, ROF Cheers!

ND-3520A Optical Drive

If it was, I’m not sure since I don’t have one of these drives. Any Video Converter F OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid I know people switch DL to dvd-rom so standalone dvd players can play those discs, but why would I want to change anything but DL, that is already supported on my current firmware, 1. The time now is I have looked at several versions of firmware using NEC Dump 1.

First of all welcome aboard! Hacked firmwares can make your drives do all kinds of things it’s not intended to. Hey just found you looking around google, and my drive has different firmware revision or unknown firmware, what should I do?


By DirtBikeMike in forum Computer. In fact I support updating to the latest official firmware before you attempt your first burn. First of all, the two drives have different hardware and different neec NET Advanced Edition 2. One ends with 0x20 the mec with 0x If you have something different please let us know! Please visit TDB Q: Please visit this page and check at the bottom signature! Looks like the first entry is used — can I force the drive to use the second??

Warranty & Support

Will I loose my warranty if I decide to use any of the hosted firmwares? I do not recommend them to ever be used unless you have no cares about whether your drive dies or not.

How to record anything on your screen using th What is NEC A? Where can I find region free firmware for my A drive?

The more I learn, the more I come to realize how little it is I know. Can I transform my A to a A?

NEC NDA Optical Drive

I have RitekG05 or any other media and I would like to know how i can burn them at 8X, which firmware will do the job? Definatly not, the A uses different hardware than A, don’t try it!


All i said above was a warning that using hacked firmware is not always the best solution. Usually NEC is very strict supporting Ritek or many other media at the maximum available recording speed at our case 16Xso its suggested to use NEC Dump and see if the media you want to use or buy is supported at the desired 16X speed. I’d never discourage this either.

: NEC NDA DVD R/RW & CD-R/RW Drive: Computers & Accessories

Which duplicate MIDs do you want to delete or force? This is a hacked firmware and you will void your warranty, and whether it’s worth it is up to you. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. There are several modified firmware for the A users, but are not suggested to use, unless from experienced users.

I know this will sound lame, so bear with me.