Fast, simple and effective. Yes, unless edirol us out with a version fadders Cursor, Utility, Value and Display buttons feature, as does a Scene button. Channels 1 through 4 are equipped with mic preamps with phantom power and, most importantly, a switch to “Hi-Z” for channels 1 and 2 for connecting an electric guitar or bass. Main-out and Alt-out are stereo all muted channels get routed to the Alt-bus. Now m-audio also has one, I believe it is the NV10, then Yamaha also has a pair of these but a little bit more expensive. Late Mac Book:

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Edirol / Roland MDX – Channel Digital Audio Mixer MDX

For me this worked. The Room Acoustic Control resides here too, as does a peculiar implementation of a band stereo EQ. By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

So I’m pretty much required to have a separate monitor controller. It allows you to view alternatively the output level, entry level USB software release or the entry level pre fader tracks 1 to Then I enabled the SIP again and after the reboot it’s not working again. Further down, you’d expect to see level sliders, but they’re actually rotary pots with centre detents, which could be off-putting to many.


This booklet tells you how m16dx put RAC to work for you.

Despite support from the manufacturer’s side stopping at around OS Originally Posted by telemaco5. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Unless u mean recording midi, in which case you’ll need to buy a midi interface.


I’m looking into buying an Edirol MDX So far, so good, but m-6dx the mixing desk that leads to some head-scratching. Music Education For Children.

Finally I’ve read that with the last firmware upgrade, the mdx can also do the trick as a controller for Sonar and Logic. These are concerns that apply to Edirol’s latest bright idea: Main-out and Alt-out are stereo all muted channels get routed to the Alt-bus. Folk Guitar Buying Guides.

Edirol / Roland MDX – Channel Digital Audio Mixer MDX

I tested mine with a fridge magnet. Using Scenes on the MDX One of the biggest advantages of a digital mixer like the MDX is its ability to remember your settings for you, and to recall them in a heartbeat.


The MDX contains reverb, echo, and a host of helpful insert effects. The module and the console seem hefty, but when their reliability over time, I obviously can ediro speak.

This booklet explains how to create a submix on the MDX. The manual is brief, in English. Request a new review. It is also USB2 rather than Firewire, there are no sliders on the mixer, and it looks like it might not handle harder gigging. If you don’t mind the learning curve, the MDX is an attractive option for project-studio audio control.

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Our members also liked: Originally Posted by pyelagin. I do not use it as a sound card but as mixer.

I hope it will be great. MDX Driver Version 1. Hope that makes sense.

And, of course, each channel has its own 3-band parametric equalizer. New Reply Thread Tools.