You can establish two different printhead gap settings in the menu: Choose Yes to engage proportional spacing ofcharacters. Emulation ModeChoose the printer emulation: You should clean the inside of the printer every six months or after about hours of operation. Pull the ribbon out a bit at the left end of the cartridge to givesome slack, then unthread it from the printhead. Fold some single-sheet thick continuous forms paper over three times tomake a page four sheets thick, then load it on the tractors. Control Panel Used to switch back and forth between Manual Feed single forms fed from the platform and Front Feed continuous forms.

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To switch from manual feed to continuous forms: Hi-Impact CopyThe default is Invalid.

The values are set in the menu under Align1 Pos. Turn the printer back on. The default is No. Open the cover and reseat it. Pull the ribbon out a bit at the left end microliine the cartridge to give some slack, then slide the ribbon underneath the printhead.

Explanation of Menu ItemsThe menu items are listed in alphabetical order. Reload your continuous forms paper. Settings Press to scroll forward.


Okidata Microline 8480FB Printer Ribbons – 41708209 Cartridges

Use only genuine OKI replacement ribbons. Make sure the printer is in the manual mode. Page of Go.

Print ModesYour printer has three print modes: Load a sheet of paper on the platform. Page Print Media Specifications cont.

If there is a single sheet loaded into the printer, press LOAD to eject it. Page 13 High Impact mode. Your printer comes from the factory set to automatically detect the printhead gap Auto Gap selected for the media being fed in.

Use these switches to change the setting toa manual head gap setting if you are not gettinggood print results with AutoGap. Lift the lock lever 1 on the right tractor 8480b and move the tractor over to correspond to the width of the continuous forms you are using. Becareful that the ribbon is not twisted, folded or pulled off theribbon arms during this process.

Simultaneously press and hold the LF and FF switches whileturning on the printer. The right end of the ribbon cartridge is not properly seated in the printer. Make sure the ribbon is threaded through the indentation in eachribbon guide arm. If you have a new ribbon and use High Impact Print Mode to print high-density characters or graphics, the paper may be smudged. Choose Yes to engage proportional spacing ofcharacters.


Okidata Microline FB Printer Ribbon and Printer Supplies at

Lift the sheet feed platform. Always turn the ribbon knob clockwise to the right: To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Pull the ribbon out a bit at the left end of the cartridge to givesome slack, then unthread it from the printhead. Press SEL microlins return the printer to the on-line state. Enter text from picture: Control Panel Lights 44 for more information. Enter the MenuChange Paper Paths1.

Page 48 Page WidthChoose the width of the continuous 8840fb paper you are using: Position the continuous forms stack below the printer with no more than about 1 inch 3 cm offset 1.