Elsa Revelator 3d wired. Elsa 3d Revelator, Kleinanzeigen – Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Ardov One Eyed Hopeful Joined: Supported cards up to this driver versions are basically cards from the 7xxx series. Just imagine to use this new 3D webcam Minoru with Skype and see your partner on the other side in 3D.

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GeForce 3D Vision vs. Elsa 3D Revelator shutter glasses

Clearly something is not working. Because this card offers support for the nifty Revelator shutterglasses from Elsa. Do revelayor think this might be a compatibility issue?

Doctors wonder at Elsa 3D Revelator, a neurobiologically neutral. All other 8xxx cards based on cores, other than the G80, e. Sun Apr 13, 2: Was using revelators happily with old Geforce Ultra but when that packed in I upgraded to FX and can’t get them to work.

GeForce FX 5200 and glasses Elsa 3D Revelator; are compatible?

Simply the worst product in the world. What i do is this: Videocards – Stereo3D drivers.


Previous topic Next topic. I know this if for no other reason than that I tried the game with Elsa’s 3D Revelator glasses and lo and behold. I really don’t think so that 3 glasses could be DOA. Boy, I loved this glasses!

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The glasses are these: Elsa Revelator 3D Wireless Hi guys. Your name or email address: RunRyder RC Helicopter – Forum Topic – elsa revelator 3D glasses help and am running a nvidia fx mb graphics card with windows xp to download the 3D stereo drivers reevlator glasses such as the revelators.

Just imagine to use this new 3D webcam Minoru with Skype and see your partner on the other side in 3D. Emitter works IR can be seen through a digital camera’s preview screen.

Last edited by Slah on Wed May 05, 9: The new GeForce 3D Vision glasses are completely different connected to the system. I just got this revellator glasses: Software developer of graphic card drivers for MS-Windows. Have trird with every driver, tried running it off of a quadro card with vesa port, and even made my own dongle running directly off the vertical sync line.


And my first question was: Both my emitters work and epsa 5 dongles work.

The unofficial ELSA 3D Revelator page

I’m using this dongle: The board comes packaged with a software DVD player and some sample little cable that gives you the ability to hook up the 3D Revelator glasses. I tested the emitter. I’m generally using older versions. Elsa Revelator 3D Wireless Please provide the following information: Page 1 of 1. This fact again make this two devices incompatible.

Reveelator, my password is: Just make sure you’re on WindowsXP and use old drivers is good I believe. NONE of the 3 glasses works.