Everything is on acer-club Post has been edited dengrup – If that does not work, try resetting the data. It also has a front-facing VGA camera and comes with Android 4. It’s fortunate then that Acer isn’t relying on its cloud service alone to tempt people to part with their hard-earned cash. I’ve also tried the pdanet android drivers, but that didn’t work either. Is that simplified enough?

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I have the same problem before, and that solved my problem.

Acer CloudMobile S500

Good day to all. From other phones are unlikely to pick Despite being a known name, Acer is still a relatively small player in the acfr market. There’s very little wasted space, and other than the front camera lens and the word ‘Acer’ stamped across the bottom, it’s almost all screen. The people, who knows why the site acer-club. Select apply update from external storage and specify the path to the firmware. On the other hand it’s not the thinnest phone around, coming in at more than 2 inches thicker than the iPhone 5, but it doesn’t feel chunky.

Acer CloudMobile S – Full phone specifications

Ok thx file found and lines removed form end. GoOgle neXus 7 WiFi6. Posted February 15, edited.


Click Start, and wait for the imgc file to complete its creation. Download the archive Install. You can update your hat on the fisser’s club at the very least, and then with your gulkin nose!

Acer CloudMobile S500 pictures

It’s more that I want mtp to work, and it’s frustrating that the drivers don’t work. A silver trim and curved edges class it up considerably, but it could acfr never be accused of being stylish or cool. Because there is a relatively small amount of internal storage, this becomes even more appreciated. It wouldn’t look out of place in a conference room, and that’s probably no accident.

Help restore s brick! How about the custom for him? MTPFS is used for Samsung Galaxy phones and others which don’t connect as a storage device, but connect as a read-only storage with limited access to certain cloudmoblle files. Cracked the outer glass The screen works, but does not respond to pressing on the screen Why did they abandon the subject?

Acer CloudMobile S – Wikipedia

I completely removed the acer drivers and reinstalled them, but that didn’t work. I suspect you will first need to remove those wrong lines from the. Turn the phone over and you’ll find the main camera lens near the top and a hands-free speaker near the bottom, with clludmobile ‘Acer’ logo printed in silver across the middle.


Post has been edited dengrup – You can have the function disabled in sleep mode. Try to get the root, and remove the trash everyone, but you know, from 1GB of RAM, about MB goes to the system and they can not be returned, and it turns out that MB of RAM is free sometimes lessthen mfp part goes still to Some applications, I clouxmobile able to release only MB, this is with the removal of trash.

Introduction Next Page Interface. Take in the ranks of happy owners! This is a sign that the computer saw the body in DFU mode.

The results of performance tests of Android devices, refer to the topic: There is no acwr of any! This procedure worked for me with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.